Few want a mobile without a charger: less than 6% of the first orders for the Xiaomi Mi 11 have been for the “ecological” version

Xiaomi’s ingenious solution to get around the charger controversy was to offer a version of the Mi 11 with the charger included, at the same price. On the one hand we had the “ecological” version, without a charger, and on the other the version with a 55W charger. The main argument is the protection of the environment . Some reasons already used by Apple when it made the decision not to include the charger with the iPhone 12.

The decision was in the hands of the users : either to go for the green version or for the version with a charger. And the numbers of the first orders make it quite clear: the vast majority have opted for the version that does come with a charger, as has been customary to date.

The “green” version is not convincing

According to Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, in his Weibo account , the Eco version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 has sold about 20,000 units. The company manager thanked those who have purchased this version, pointing directly to the environmental reason. However, this figure represents less than 6% of the first bookings. Of the total 350,000 units of the Mi 11, only a small portion of users have opted for the version without a charger .

Unlike Apple, which only offers the version without a charger, Xiaomi chose to give users the option to choose if they wanted to access it. At the moment, both versions are sold at the same price (3,999 yuan). However, it is a temporary cost and once the promotion is over, the cost of the charger version will be 4,099 yuan, about 12 euros more expensive .

Beyond the joy of going for a cleaner option, there are few reasons why a user might opt ​​for the no-charger version. It is interesting to know what percentage of users have opted for this system , which serves to extrapolate the degree of satisfaction with this decision.

The charger is still especially necessary. Although many users already have several, having an extra one is useful. This is how many of the first buyers of the Xiaomi Mi 11 seem to think. For the 20,000 who have opted for the ecological version, the company could have offered them an alternative . Be it a special case or some detail that does not increase the environmental footprint but does compensate for the lack of charger.

At the moment it is not known what strategy Xiaomi will follow in Spain with the Mi 11, but from the data that emerges from China it does not seem that users are widely embracing the ecological version. The controversy about the charger was started by Apple, although Lei Jun himself explains that he already thought in 2015 to make this decision not to include the charger . Finally he didn’t. Like so many other decisions that arise but never materialize.

In addition to Apple and Xiaomi, several manufacturers are expected to not include the charger in their flagship phones, arguing similar reasons. We will see what sales strategy they carry out, if they offer the possibility of acquiring a version with a charger and if they offer any incentive to convince users to bet on the ecological version.

Kim Hostler
I studied Communication Sciences because as a child I always wanted to be an announcer and make drawings for advertising campaigns. Life took me down another path and now I am a Communicator who has worked for Nokia, and Motorola. Where now instead of drawing, I take pictures, and instead of talking about my passion.