I loved the lifelong Fallouts but now I have to get used to playing with people

I do not know who was more afraid of the first hours of ‘Fallout 76’ : if Bethesda, who has been trying for months to explain that it is a Fallout that fans will like no matter what MMO is, and in any case if we do not like it anymore a Fallout 5 will arrive more traditionally; or if I myself, that I live cornered more and more by the avalanche of the always online, of the always “with people”.

I’m a lonely player, and it’s a fact. I always prefer solipsistic experiences before that “you just can not, with friends yes” in which the video game industry has been transformed. Not only in front of a console or PC: my biggest preference in table games are those that have solitaire against the board (ah, Arkham Horror LCH, how I love you), in ‘Pokémon Go’ I have refused most of the incursions that do not I could face alone and, in short, I only fell into the honey of the multi cooperative in Destiny and it was at the cost of becoming a hamster .
Yes, I’ve enjoyed things like playing CS: GO with some usual suspects, I had a WOW era and I know certain COD maps: MW2, but things like Fortnite just overwhelm me and the only thought of “my game Always transformed into looking for someone to help you do what you would do alone. “It disgusts me.

That feeling was aggravated by the first announcement of ‘Fallout 76’ . The world of nuclear post-apocalypse has always been , since the first awakening in the exit tunnel of Shelter 13, one of living alone in the face of danger . You were accompanied by radioactive vermin, suspicious NPCs and the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness that anyone expects from a humanity destroyed by nuclear confrontation. Just as it is difficult to think of Mad Max as someone who seeks company, one does not think of starring in a Fallout and that it looks like the family of ‘Smiles and Tears’.

So I arrive with uneasiness and resentment at the same game that has enchanted me so many times: the one in which I decided that the ghouls would assault the rich people of the Tenpenny Tower; to the one where I lit Liberty Prime; to the same one that gave me back one of the most sadly beautiful endgame of the History of videogames (the “good” of the first Fallout).

The first sensations are hopeful: you feel at home even before going to the Wasteland. The tutorial is not that wonder of ‘Fallout 3’, which rightfully deserves to be considered one of the most iconic beginnings of the history of video games (I already use this in two paragraphs in a row, yes, Fallout is a MYTHIC saga), but puts you quickly in flour. And before, even better, the creation of the account has been zero painful: Bethesda does not want barriers.

I do not lose much time in creating the features of my protagonist. I launch myself out of the Refuge (not without first scanning all the computers and witnessing with satisfaction that the paranoia and the sensation of “they do not tell me everything” remains) and, the first on my forehead, I wake up in front of a much lesser Wilderness in appearance that other times. Facing the arid and desert aspect of other games, Fallout 76 makes you born in a space that only little by little you will see how ruined it is. At first, you can contemplate the landscape, the vegetation, and think that the nuclear apocalypse, this time, has not made us feel so bad .

So is my experience with Fallout 76 after more than ten hours of play in Appalachia
It happens to me quickly: I get into a crystal clear river and the radiation starts to rise. I go to the first population center and I see a cow. When I approach to contemplate her, I also see her second head and I do not want to stab her and make flesh with her: this is not Red Dead Redemption 2 and she may decide to be vegan from now on in this post-nuclear nightmare.

Around me, other players begin to pass. We do not stop much at the moment, they pass by, we look at each other, I fear that they can shoot me (spoiler: they can not) and we go to our things. I could invite you but, for now, I’m lazy: I do not know anything about them! Are you sure I can not play alone ?. We are, in the background, like little dogs that smell their butts in a park of chernobilesco sand.

Although, well, I go up to a watchtower and I pick up a mouth harp. Before I know it, I have someone by my side who is with the banjo. You can call us Wilco Wasteland.

Love stories, radioactive eyes that look with hope

Appalachia soon reveals itself as another Fallout scenario made with care and love, like the previous ones. What made me fall in love with those New Vegas shattered by the civil wars, or the Washington DC besieged by Supermutantes, or the Boston of the brain of the MIT to which the tweezers went, is also here.

In front of the somewhat dogmatic Lore of the Elder Scrolls, the one of the Fallout is a playful one , that always wants to look for the limits of the series Z. That you can go with a naval cannon in full moor, for example. That the extraterrestrials arrive (I do not know if in this ‘Fallout 76’ happens, I hope). What, I know, you go to an airport that is safe, someone unlocks a part of the story and suddenly there are +300 rads per second where before you were fine.

Those crazy things are now integrated into the social path: while I walk to radiant radioactive mushrooms and rolex (AKA badges) at the same time, the game gets me into a zone event. I do not need to speak to be part of the fight against some Agriculturalists who have gone crazy. Two other residents, still wearing cardboard hats on their heads like me, are close. We carry two and in the third I have to do respawn, I only go with a badly constructed ax. I return for my fallen booty and, finally, we complete the event.

Survival guide in Fallout 76: tricks and tips for the first hours of play
Of course, before I die a couple of times more, and in a third I receive help when I am seriously injured. It is my first contact with daily events as well.

No, I have not felt bad for being less alone than usual . And not only things happen and other players save my blunders: in the world there are notes of NPCs whose testimony fills me up again. The story of Delbert Winters, the parish priest who lost faith and recovered it as the Arguiñano of this first area, serves as an example. I would like to have more time to rest it, but I am going through thirst and hunger: ‘Fallout 76’ is so inclement or more than the previous ones. As much as the first ones, in fact.

Now, yes, I’m going to kill one of those bramanhes; As they rebel like the chickens of ‘AC: Odissey’, you’ll see what a mess . God does not make these mistakes.

I spend hours in the game, for now not enough . If I was afraid of encountering a Fallout that did not convince me, it has dissipated. Now I am afraid of two things: one, the endgame, if it will be really up to you to want to continue playing this ‘Fallout 76’ for a long time … ( there are some surprises that come out that indicate good things as long as you do not go forever alone ); and another, the fear of staying alone.

Yes, paradoxically now when I do not find people nearby, I feel weird. It gets dark and, surprise, the government help arrives. It’s not people, it’s boxes: shit, I want to see people. Give me friends On the map of the game, this time fortunately detailed (yes, since the green phosphor map of the PIPBoy has its fun, but for an MMO I need clarity) I can see the events in progress, which cost plates. With all the fuss of these first hours, I had forgotten that Bethesda has his little store to get the game performance: my goal here, as always, is to pay as little as possible. Nothing, to tell the truth. For now, it seems that I can. We’ll get along well if you keep going like this, ‘Fallout 76’.

Epa, I suddenly go up and open the fight against other players . And now I feel worse than if I had eaten that wild dog meat I got a while ago: I did not come here to kill me in PVP. Just in case, I put the perk of globetrotter alone. I miss, as I do, a more detailed skills improvement tree, less dependent on letters and more traditional role. Yes, I’m an old man.

I collaborate with others, I see them acting as NPCs to help people, I see the post-apocalypse more crowded than ever, but even so, I feel weird. Empty inside. Little by little, the game is left with less things to do, less news. And I feel even worse.

When I have ten more hours of play, I discover that it is not my fault, nor that the game is bad in itself: it is the main decision taken in the design of ‘Fallout 76’. Bethesda has put so much interest in doing well the social part that, in exchange, has taken off one of the things that I liked most of the saga: the characters that inhabited the Wasteland . The gears of that ruined world. Here they are not: I do hear their holocintas and I see their corpses, but they appear in very rare occasions alive.

Do you have a remedy? Of course: ‘Fallout 76’ is an enduring world. The day of the Claim can last as long as Bethesda wants . As in ‘WoW’, small changes can be made in certain areas before major changes to expansion bases. As in ‘Sea of ​​Thieves’, everything that now, at first, seems somewhat empty can be filled later. But, as in Destiny, you can also make the mistake of sustenella and not amend it. From Bethesda, at least, we know that in Elder Scrolls Online he knew how to improve little by little and without pause everything that we put in front of him the first version.

‘Fallout 76’ has discovered that I have never played alone, that my problem was not playing with human people: it is that I love fiction too much and I do not want to leave it aside. I want NPCs, I miss them very much. Be positive, accept silicon.